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 Earn $VS through gameplay achievements, trade it with other players, or acquire it through in-game activities. The $VS token also  has a deflationary mechanism where you can burn tokens to increase thruster speed of your spacecraft and increase strength of your ammo/gun.

Use $VS to unlock new ship modules, upgrade weaponry, and enhance performance, gaining a competitive edge in the vast cosmos.


The Spaceship


Phase 1
  • Website Creation
  • Pre-Launch Preparation
  • KYC And Audit
  • Fairlaunch PinkSale ( Token Sale )
  • Marketing campaign
  • Stake functions release

Phase 2
  • Spaceship NFTs Sale
  • Unreal Engine Space development
  • Weapons Development
  • VR Capabilities
  • Beta Test Release
  • Spaceship merge and upgrade function release
  • Release Land NFT Functions
  • Enhance Space Guardian with 3D VR NFT
  • Raid mode launch
Phase 3
  • Spaceships Development
  • Develop Space Metaverse
  • Cex listing
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Blockchain development in Space
  • PvP mode release

Phase 4
  • Multiplayer development
  • Token utility integration
  • Another Cex Listing
  • Huge partnership
  • Steam or Epic games collaboration
  • Build team on your land and conquer other Planet
  • Partner and Cross-chain with other blockchain games to build the MultiVerse

Phase 5
and more to come…


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The ultimate MMORPG metaverse spaceship game

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